Top 12 Cosmetic Manufacturers in the World 2021

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While having a good working knowledge of raw materials and formulations is vital for becoming a great formulator, having a working knowledge of the cosmetic industry is just as important for your cosmetic chemist career. Today, we’ll take a look at the corporations in the cosmetic sector and who owns some of the biggest Cosmetic Manufacturers Companies brands.

Every year the trade journals put together a list of the biggest cosmetic companies in the beauty sector. It’s a fairly handy list and if you are just starting or have been working for a while in Cosmetic Manufacturers Companies , you should be familiar with these brands. At the very least, you’ll know where there might be future work chances. These corporations hire lots of Cosmetic Manufacturers Companies.

You can check the whole list of the Top 20 Global Beauty Companies as prepared by Beauty Packaging magazine. Here is the fast list. They are ranked by yearly sales. After that I’ll talk a little about the main corporations and how that might be valuable for cosmetic formulators looking for jobs. Note that these are the biggest corporations worldwide and it analyses only the beauty aspect of the business. Some of these companies are significantly larger than reported here, but that is because they also have considerable business in other industries like home or food.

Top 12 Largest Cosmetic Manufacturers in the World by Revenue 2021

1. Johnson & Johnson

Who is the world’s largest cosmetics manufacturer Companies? Johnson & Johnson is the world’s largest cosmetics producer, ranking first on BizVibe’s list of the world’s top cosmetics manufacturers by revenue in 2020. Consumer health, medical devices, and pharmaceuticals are three of Johnson & Johnson’s primary focus areas. Pharmaceuticals account for 44.9 percent of the company’s revenue, medical devices account for 35.9 percent, and consumer products account for 19.2 percent. In the year 2019. Johnson & Johnson earned USD 82.06 billion in revenue, making it the highest-grossing cosmetic manufacturer on this list.

2. Procter & Gamble Co

Procter & Gamble is rated second on BizVibe’s list of the world’s top cosmetic producers by revenue in 2020.
Procter & Gamble is a worldwide consumer goods company headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio. The company was formed 182 years ago in 1837. Procter & Gamble produced revenue of USD 67.7 billion last year, making it the world’s second largest cosmetics firm by revenue in 2020.The corporation is a leader in a variety of personal care and health areas, including beauty, grooming, health care, fabric and home care, as well as baby, feminine, and family care.

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3. Unilever

Unilever is ranked third on this list of the world’s major cosmetic manufacturing corporations. Unilever is a multinational consumer goods business with offices in London and Rotterdam, the Netherlands. The company’s cosmetics section focuses on cleaning agents, beauty goods, and personal care items. Additionally, the corporation has a strong presence in the food, energy drink, ice cream, and tea markets. Unilever currently owns approximately 400 brands, making it one of the largest firms in terms of brand ownership.

4. L’Oréal

L’Oréal is ranked fourth on this list of the world’s largest Cosmetic Manufacturers Companies by revenue in 2020. L’Oréal, headquartered in Clichy, Hauts-de-Seine, is a French personal care company. L’Oreal is one of the few firms on this list that focuses only on cosmetics, which is why many see it as the world’s largest cosmetics company. The brand is well recognised for its hair colour, skincare, sun protection, makeup, perfume, and hair care products. L’Oréal generated USD 33.34 billion in revenue in 2019, the majority of which came from its cosmetics sector. L’Oréal employs 89,331 people.

5. Kao Corporation

Kao Corporation is a chemical and cosmetics corporation situated in the Tokyo neighbourhood of Nihonbashi-Kayabacho. Kao is ranked fifth on this list of the world’s leading cosmetic producers by revenue in 2020. Kao produced revenue of USD 14.7 billion in 2019 and presently employs 34,743 people. Kao is well-known for his ownership of numerous major brands, including Attack, Ban, Kanebo, and others. As of 2020, Kao is Japan’s leading cosmetics manufacturer.

6. P&G

P&G’s Olay brand accounts for roughly 6% of the worldwide skincare market. Olay Body provided the image. Procter & Gamble (P&G) increased its net sales by 4.8 percent from $67.68 billion in 2019 to $70.95 billion in 2020, mostly due to a 10% increase in the company’s Health Care sector. Revenues from the Beauty and Grooming divisions totaled $19.41 billion, an increase of 1.72 percent year over year. Net sales in the Beauty section increased 4% year on year to $13.35 billion, while earnings from the Grooming segment declined 2% to $6.06 billion. In 2020, the Beauty and Grooming sectors combined to account for 28% of the company’s net sales.

7. Estée Lauder

The skincare category at Estée Lauder increased by 12.68 percent, while the makeup category declined by 18 percent.
The Estée Lauder Companies Inc. provided the image. Temporary store closures in response to the coronavirus pandemic resulted in a 4% year-on-year decline in Estée Lauder’s net sales to $14.29 billion. This was somewhat offset by an increase in internet sales. The company’s revenues were further bolstered by the net sales of Have&Be perfumes and cosmetics, which Estée Lauder bought in December 2019.

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8. Shiseido

Shiseido’s net sales decreased 18.6% year over year in 2020. Wpcpey provided the image. Shiseido, one of the world’s oldest cosmetics companies, saw its net sales fall 18.6 percent year on year to JPY920.88 billion ($8.73 billion).
Japan Business accounted for 32.9 percent of total revenue, while China Business accounted for 25.9 percent, with the remainder coming from the Americas (9.9 percent), EMEA (10.3 percent), Travel Retail (10.7 percent), Asia Pacific (6.4 percent), Professional (1.4 percent), and Other (2.8 percent) businesses.

9. Beiersdorf

The Covid-19 epidemic had a significant impact on sales success. However, the corporation grew its market share in emerging regions and increased its sales in Brazil. The Cosmetic Manufacturers Companies brand Nivea saw a 10.8% decline in revenues to €3.95 billion ($4.79 billion), while the Derma business unit saw a 5.2 percent increase, fueled by significant double-digit growth in South America and the United States. Beiersdorf’s consumer business area includes various brands such as Nivea, La Prairie, Eucerin, Labello, Hidrofugal, Gammon, Coppertone, Chaul, and Maestro.

10. Pacific Amore

Amore Pacific is a South Korean cosmetics firm. In 2002, the company established the cosmetics brand AMOREPACIFIC. The company is largely focused on developing natural beauty products and has gradually established a presence in the beauty sector, benefiting from the recent K-beauty boom. The company is expanding rapidly as demand for some of its most popular brands increases, including Sulwhasoo, Laneige, Mamonde, Innisfree, Etude, Lolita Lempicka, and Annick Goutal.

11. Coty

Coty is a New York-based corporation that has grown its Cosmetic Manufacturers Companies in recent years through acquisitions. The corporation is a significant force in the fragrance, professional hair care, and colour cosmetics industries. adidas, Clairol, CoverGirl, David Beckham, Katy Perry, Max Factor, Rimmel, Sally Hansen, and Wella are among the company’s brands. Additionally, it owns a number of luxury labels, including Marc Jacobs, Calvin Klein, Chloé, Gucci, Hugo Boss, and Philosophy.

12. Beiersdorf

Beiersdorf is ranked 9th on this list of the world’s largest cosmetic manufacturers by revenue in 2020, having made USD 8.9 billion in revenue in 2019. Beiersdorf AG is a multinational corporation headquartered in Germany that manufactures personal care products and pressure-sensitive adhesives. Beiersdorf is best known for its brands Elastoplast, Eucerin (the producer of Aquaphor), Labello, La Prairie, Nivea, tesa, and Coppertone.

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