How to Build a Winning Clash Royale Deck – Complete Guide 2023

A prominent strategy-based game is clash royale decks. You put forth a lot of effort to acquire troops that will help you defeat other players in combat. To build the strongest combos, though, and rule the arena, you must match the right cards! You can learn how to create a powerful deck in Clash Royale.

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Your ranking in ranked mode is largely determined by your talent and, of course, your deck. Currently, skill is something you develop over time. cash royale decks, however, are something you can learn quickly. If you have the expertise and know which decks to deploy, you can be looking at a run of victories in a row. In light of this, we’ve assembled the top decks you can play right now in Clash Royale’s ranked phase, also known as the Path of Legends. At each point in the game, they provide your opponent with a variety of answers and are strong and dynamic.

Pick a winning scenario

The card you choose as your primary offensive threat is your chance to win. It should be capable to consistently dealing damage to the towers of your rival, whether that be by being positioned directly on the tower, solely focusing on buildings, or in some other manner. This win condition will be the foundation of your deck. Whichever card you decide on needs to be strong enough in your current arena.
Hog Rider, Ram Rider, Electric Giant, Royal Giant, Balloon, X-Bow, Miner, Mortar, Golem, Graveyard, Sparky, Goblin Drill, Lava Hound, and Three Musketeers are a few examples of winning criteria. There are a lot more scenarios where you could win.

Building a Strong Deck in Clash Royale

Choose an archetype for your deck. Before each combat, each participant creates a deck of eight cards. Your deck archetype refers to the kind of deck you build. Your deck archetype should support your win condition and account for potential These are a few deck archetypes: from your opponent. Each archetype has particular advantages and disadvantages. Although there are several deck archetypes, Beatdown, Control, and Siege are the three most common.


Beatdown decks concentrate on physically overwhelming your opponent’s tower. They have a win condition that is tough to beat, like a giant or golem with high damage troops as backup. These decks begin by accumulating a favorable elixir advantage before launching a powerful assault on the opposing tower.


Defensive decks that battle from your side of the map are control decks. Control decks have a robust defense, which typically consists of structures like the Inferno Tower, Tesla, and Cannon. These decks counter powerful pushes to gain an elixir advantage and gradually weaken the opponent’s tower until it collapses.


Siege archetypes are centered on a powerful offensive construction victory condition, such as the X-Bow or the Mortar. When you defend your offensive buildings so they may continue to deal damage to your opponent’s tower, these buildings attack from your side of the map and force your opponent’s soldiers to defend there. Usually, mortar is used in conjunction with another win condition, like miner.


To create a deck that can surprise your opponent, hybrid decks mix two archetypes and two win conditions. For instance, a hybrid deck might have Graveyard and Golem.


Cycle decks often cost 3.0 elixirs or less on average. They depend on putting their win condition in place before the other player can return to their counter card. Over time, these decks gradually inflict damage on the other towers. Every degree of harm is significant.
spell lure The hybrid deck type known as spell bait The idea is to make your opponent waste their spells so you can then swarm them with troops when they are unable to defend themselves. Several of the cards in these decks are weak to spells like Skeleton Army, Guards, Goblin Gang, and Goblin Barrel. They are frequently employed in log bait clash royale decks, whereas medium and heavy spell bait typically includes Royal Hogs, Flying Machine, Barbarians, Minion Horde, and Three Musketeers.

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Bridge spam is an archetype that Team Vietnam created. Often, it contains mixtures of cards like the Royal Ghost, Bandit, Dark Prince, Ram Rider, and Battle Ram. By rushing them with combos that can take out a tower in a matter of seconds, it mostly focuses on punishing other players for using elixir. Using expensive soldiers in the back against these clash royale decks is a bad idea because you can’t possibly stop their rush attack with your limited elixir.

Split lane:

This archetype has become increasingly popular as a result of the inclusion of additional clash royale decks cards (Royal Hogs, Zappies, Royal Recruits, Guards, etc.). Very dangerous pushes will occupy both lanes, forcing your opponent to have to defend both flanks at once.

Building a strong deck in Clash Royale

Strive for a standard elixir price. The majority of good decks have an average elixir cost of 3.0-4.0. (AEC). It is either higher or lower than good decks. Cheaper decks have more vulnerable troops but cycle faster. Heavy decks typically play more slowly and are Beatdown decks.
Elixir collector might be a good addition to your deck if your average elixir cost is 4.0 or higher. You will be able to play soldiers more quickly and collect more elixir thanks to this card. Yet, because it costs 6 elixir, this card is also expensive. Since the playstyle demands that the player cycle reach their win condition as soon as possible, cycle decks can be as low as 2.6 for the AEC.

Consider your playing style. Do you desire a quick deck that attacks the opposition nonstop? Do you want a deck that plays slowly yet gains traction? Or would you prefer to balance the two? You are in control. Different troops move at various rates. You might want swift Hog Riders, Elite Barbarians, or Goblins for quick decks. The powerful Golem, P.E.K.K.A, or Executioner might be in a sluggish deck.

Ensure that everything will have a counter. Obtain troops that attack the air, splash damage, do a lot of damage to one target, and troops that can attack many targets at once. To be effective, your deck must contain one of each. Single-target damage is dealt by various units, including Musketeers, Minions, and Mini clash royale decks. Splash attackers include Wizard, Witch, and Bowler, for instance.

Create a meta counter deck by keeping the meta in mind. META is an acronym for Most Effective Tactic. These are the most popular (and effective) decks in a league or venue. Making a deck to compete with the most widely played decks is possible with the help of the meta. However take caution to avoid making your deck vulnerable to often played non-meta strategies.
In your trophy range, for instance, you might observe a large number of people running log bait. Run two minor spells in your deck to combat this. Tornado, Zap, Arrows, Barbarian Barrel, Big Snowball, and the Log are your options.

Consider the rarity of your cards

It may take years to fully max out your deck of legendary cards, especially if you don’t pay to play the game. The simplest cards to level up are common ones. Use largely common cards and one of each of the other rarities in your deck if you want it to be simple to level up.

Choose the right support cards to help you win

These cards support your win-condition and aid in eliminating its counters. Try to play these with your win condition in mind. They usually come in the form of glass cannons or splash units and require help to be effective. For instance, Fisherman pairs well with Royal Giant since it can remove the defense cards held by your opponent. Valkyrie, Musketeer, Witch, and Electrical Wizard are a few examples of support cards. Several victory condition supports belong to the so-called “fireballies” group, which indicates that they can withstand an equivalent level fireball with a tiny bit of health.

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Choose defensive cards in the Clash Royale

The majority of these cards move slowly, making them ideal for defending your towers. Some are hordes of damaging cards with low health. Ice Wizard, Barbarians, Minion Horde, and Skeleton Army are a few of these. Choose either utility or cycle cards. Cycle cards are inexpensive and let you shuffle your deck to get a stronger card. Utility cards are frequently inexpensive and can be used to block numerous other cards. When you spend less elixir to block a troop than it cost your opponent to send it out, you can make positive elixir trades. As a result, you can have more elixir than your rival.

  • Ice Spirit, Electro Spirit, Fire Spirit, and Skeletons are among the clash royale decks cards. Spear Goblins, Minions, and Bats are some examples of useful cards.
    Add a structure.
  • They will make up the bulk of your defense; some buildings periodically generate troops. Other people harm opposing soldiers.
  • They are usually included in.
  • Damage from the Inferno Tower grows with time.
  • You can utilize the Cannon, which costs only three elixir, to take out Hog Riders and hold back tiny pushes. Tesla functions like an air-targeted cannon.
  • Tornado pairs well with Bomb Tower since it provides splash damage and features a death bomb.
  • Barbarians are produced by The Barracks, Spear Goblins by Goblin Hut, Fire Spirits by Furnace, and Skeletons by Tombstone.
  • Mortar and X-Bow can shoot at troops from a great distance, making them useful for defense as well as win conditions in siege decks.
  • Add a spell to your deck, at the very least.
  • They provide direct damage and are very helpful for completing towers.
  • Each of them has unique costs and effects. The majority of decks contain two spells, one large and one little.
  • Fireball, Rocket, Lightning, and Poison are notable spells.
  • The Log, Zap, Barbarian Barrel, and Big Snowball are examples of small spells.
  • Troops are impacted by some spells. The healing spell restores your soldiers.
  • Attack and mobility speed are both accelerated by rage. Troops are stopped by a freeze.
  • Your troops with one hit point are duplicated by cloning.

Make sure there aren’t four or more dead cards in your deck

You don’t want to play these cards as the first move or cycle in the rear. You won’t have a nice card to play and will be forced to leak elixir or take a risk if you find yourself holding four of them at once. If your opponent plays a lava hound in the opposite lane, for instance, you wouldn’t want to start the game by cycling Inferno Dragon in the rear because you wouldn’t have a strong counter.

The majority of buildings, a golem, and any powerful spell are all considered dead cards since they leave you vulnerable to attack.
Ice Spirit, Archers, and Goblins are fantastic cards to add in your deck since you can play them without having a lot of anxiety about not having a reaction to your opponent’s cards.  You want your deck’s cards to play well with one another, or to have strong synergy. To arrange up troops so that Executioner’s axe can attack every one of them, for instance, you always run Executioner with Tornado.

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