Blockchain Games: 20 Best Blockchain Games On NFT To Play And Earn 2022

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In contrast to conventional online gaming, blockchain games gives users the chance to make some real money while engaging in their favorite activities. Earning cryptocurrency prizes is possible by playing NFT games. Additionally, the game gives you the opportunity to acquire digital things with in-game worth, such as those linked to virtual goods like virtual apparel and virtual properties. Since the value of these digital assets can be transformed into actual cash, gaming is now a far larger industry. Thanks to a number of fresh releases, crypto, and NFTs in particular, achieved all-time highs as 2021 began. Why not explore the world of play to earn games (P2E), which have become quite popular in the blockchain gaming industry?

We will discuss some of the most well-liked play to win games that are now on the market as well as some of the best future titles in the list that follows. Whether you’re new to blockchain games or seeking for a new universe to explore, this guide can help you choose the best play to earn game.

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How To Get Started With Play To Earn And NFT Games?

A crypto wallet is required to get started with play-to-earn games. You may then purchase NFTs and login to the game. “Metamask” is the most widely used free online wallet. Both a browser extension and a mobile app are available for Metamask. You can store any coin on whatever chain you could require thanks to it. Please be aware that despite its popularity, hackers frequently target Metamask. Use it with caution and keep your password and seed phrase to yourself at all times. Consider using physical wallets to keep your coins and NFTs for the highest level of protection. Your bitcoin is safe in an offline, unhackable gadget with a physical wallet. You will still need Metamask or another online wallet to access the majority of games, even if it is better for security. After that, you may add your coins to the ledger.

Is NFT Free To Start?

Without investing any money, players may play for free and get heroes and goods. In addition, Guild of Guardians emphasizes that the game won’t be pay-to-win and that its design will place an emphasis on talent and strategy. The game’s creators also noted that since PvP is not its main focus, any money spent won’t be at the cost of other players.

20 Best Blockchain Games On NFT To Play And Earn In 2022

Given below are the 20 best blockchain games on NFT to play and earn in 2022

#1. Axie Infinity

axie infinity

Players in the NFT Blockchain games like, Axie Infinity may communicate with one another via virtual pets, develop their own characters and digital assets, and accomplish daily objectives. It is partly modeled on Nintendo’s iconic Pokemon series. On top of the Ethereum blockchain, gamers may construct virtual pets called Axies that resemble monsters. Players can research, fight, and breed various Axies to produce new ones. Players receive AXS tokens, the platform’s currency, when they engage with Axie. These tokens may be exchanged for fiat money or used to improve the characteristics of the players’ pets. The likelihood that you will be able to earn money in Axie Infinity increases as you advance through the game. To take part in this play-to-earn game, you must obtain AXS tokens.

#2. The Sandbox Game

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The Sandbox is one of the top Blockchain games  that you can play to earn money since it was first released as a mobile game in 2012. It was bought by Animoca Brands in late 2021, and it later debuted as a metaverse game run by NFT. Players have the chance to own, construct, and commercialize their creations in the game’s digital universe.

Sandbox has become more well-liked as a result of the spike in demand for metaverse real estate. According to recent reports, the most valuable virtual piece of real estate in this NFT game went for $4.3 million. Play to earn crypto games like this one will continue to draw a lot of interest as more companies expand into the virtual world. The in-game money used for transactions is called SAND. Free-to-play games like this one are well-liked because they allow users to purchase virtual land, produce NFT items, and sell those things.

#3. Gods Unchained

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If you’re seeking for the finest blockchain games that you can play for free while earning cryptocurrency, Gods Unchained is the way to go. This game is an NFT card trading game that emphasizes strategic thinking and skill-based trade. Players can fight other players, and the game gives you cards for participating. All of the cards in Gods Unchained are NFTs, which implies that players own them and may exchange them for other cards on the secondary market. You may create the ideal deck and then exchange your cards for bitcoin to convert your play into money. In Gods Unchained, there is a sizable NFT market where you may purchase and sell play-to-earn game cards. The tribe and god are only two factors that can affect a card’s worth; other others include its health and attacking prowess.

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#4. DeFi Kingdoms

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DeFi Kingdoms places a lot of emphasis on heroes. They are NFTs that practice various trades and use those trades to obtain resources, take part in missions, and engage in warfare. If you want to purchase new Heroes, go to the Tavern. If you don’t have enough JEWEL, you can also opt to buy a Hero with the assets you do have by investing them in the Gardens (liquidity pooling) or the Jeweler (earning more JEWEL). Jewels are only available for purchase on the market. Exploring the many earning and entertainment opportunities available in DeFi Kingdoms would be enjoyable.

#5. Splinterlands

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Players may earn cryptocurrency in the collectable card Blockchain games Splitterlands by achieving in-game objectives, such as succeeding in skill-based competitions in player-versus-player game variants. In this game, players may buy and sell NFT-based digital cards. A hybrid of an auto-battle and a deck-building game, Splinterlands. It moves quickly, is enjoyable, and draws elements from both Pokemon and Magic. Since combat in Splinterlands only take a few minutes, it differs from other trading card games where players compete against one another. You decide how long you want to play, entirely.

#6. Thetan Arena

thetan arena

In this Blockchain games, taking part in events, activities, and competitions will earn you points. Anyone may play this multiplayer online war arena game. In the game, NFTs are employed to offer players power over certain characters and in-game objects. There is also a free-to-play option in the game. THC and THG are the two accessible tokens. Thetan Coins are earned during the game, and the player may use them to purchase NFTs. Thetan Gem also performs double duty as a character enhancement token and a governance token. A Hero-fusing system, pets, hero staking, and cosmetics are all being developed by the project team. A variety of game types, including the arena mode and adventure mode, are available to players.

#7. CryptoBlades

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The fantasy gaming realm of the blockchain-based NFT game CryptoBlades is where players take control of made-up characters. Given its expanding popularity, it is not unexpected that CryptoBlades is the game that is played the most frequently on the Binance Smart Chain. By engaging in combat with other users, you may win in-platform tokens (called “SKILL”) while playing CryptoBlades. The game itself is rather simple, so players won’t have any problem navigating the various stages and taking out foes. Along with other things that may be exchanged on the market, players have the option to create characters and amass NFT assets.

#8. Sorare – Fantasy Football

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With Sorare, users may purchase, sell, trade, and buy players to manage a fantasy football squad. The game was developed in 2018 by Nicolas Julia and Adrien Montfort using the Ethereum network. Through this NFT-based platform, gamers may buy official license cards for real-life players and create teams that compete against one another. It’s critical to understand that player performance in real situations affects how well your team performs. Sorare is a trading card Blockchain games that provides players with a market where they may buy, sell, and trade their NFT cards, much as how soccer does in real life. Tournaments also provide the opportunity to acquire expensive cards (players).

#9. Treeverse


An alternative social media network to Twitter and Discord, Treeverse is a browser-based metaverse that has more of an emphasis on NFT communities. He is a well-known NFT maker and collector in the community and the founder of the 2021 startup Loopify. Loopify started Treeverse with the NFTtree collectibles project when he was still an NFT artist. Aside from its vibrant community, one of Treeverse’s most compelling features is the eventual addition of play-to-earn components. The Treeverse is a playable MMORPG where players may collect NFTs and trade them in for the world’s standard money, which is required to run the game.

#10. My Neighbor Alice


This popular NFT blockchain game’s central tenet is the purchase of land and subsequent establishment of a farm. Each participant has a virtual avatar, and you may add items in the game to raise the farm’s value. You may add anything you want, including plants, animals, and decorations. To buy and trade virtual items, only ALICE, the NFT game’s native governance token, is required. If you want to increase your chances of minting very rare NFTs, it would be good to look at Binance’s secondary market. Because it is entertaining and engaging, this specific NFT game is well-liked. Players explore a variety of islands, each with a different theme like Snowflake Island, Sandy Coast, Submerged Islands, or Medieval Plains.

#11. Illuvium


A blockchain-based role-playing game featuring 3D characters and monsters is called Illuvium. Players may get tokens via harvesting, mining, completing missions, fighting other players, and more. For 2022, a beta launch is planned. In order to capture virtual animals that wander a virtual open environment, users engage in 3D combat with other players and their creatures. Illuvials can be classified as Fighters, Rogues, Psions, or Empaths, each with distinct advantages and disadvantages. Illuvials may be combined, though, to produce monsters with greater strength. The creatures that players have produced can also be sold. Illuvium is anticipated to alter the game industry as a result of all of this.

#12. Bridgeworld (Treasure DAO)

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Treasure connects the expanding network of virtual worlds by combining NFTs, DeFi, and gaming in a modular and open manner. The Bridgeworld metaverse’s money, $MAGIC, is essential to the game since it must be staked in order to begin mining, along with Legion NFTs and/or Treasure NFTs. This new mine, which was introduced for the Bridgeworld debut, differs from Genesis in terms of its stake system and yield rate. Taking the legion heroes on an adventure in Bridgeworld in search of and gathering Treasure NFTs is the essence of a quest.

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#13. Star Atlas

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Even though the blockchain games won’t be available until October 2021, ATLAS and POLIS, the linked cryptocurrencies, have already experienced a lot of interest. Players may travel the metaverse, own land, establish cities, take part in quests, trade, and embark on a variety of other adventures in this vast world set in the year 2,620. The gameplay is centered around competitive and cooperative action. One of the most cutting-edge additions to the Solana ecosystem, this game also offers a virtual environment that can be explored in virtual reality.

#14. Parallel

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Any other trading card game currently on the market cannot compare to Parallel. In contrast to the fantastical imagery in other crypto blockchain games like Gods Unchained and Skyweaver, the game’s artwork lays a heavy emphasis on reality. A trading card game with a sci-fi theme is called Parallel. Players may use digital collectable cards to build a digital deck of cards. To assemble a viable deck, a player must acquire at least one set of cards from each of the five Parallels: Marcolian, Earthen, Kathari, Augencore, and Shroud. Players can build various decks of cards and select their Parallel throughout each game.

#15. Wizards And Dragons

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It is an entirely on-chain strategic blockchain games that blends play to earn and defi mechanics with gathering utility-based NFTs. New gameplay components including Treasure Chests, Tributes, and Sacrifices may be found in Wizards & Dragons. Players may create a fun, community-driven game that is entirely on-chain, playable on any device, using NFTs in defi. Community involvement is key. In other words, participants will be commended for their efforts.

In the strategy game Wizards & Dragons, players use NFTs to purchase in-game cash. The game’s in-game money, Gold Pieces (GP), may be obtained in two different ways: via minting or by purchasing Wizard or Dragon NFTs.

#16. Mobox

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A game platform called Mobox mixes gaming and DeFi yield farming. It may not be as comprehensive as other cryptogames, but the MOMOverse is a sizable metaverse. Mobox allows users to play ChainZ Arena, Block Brawler, and Token Master. They can generate new MOMO NFTs and original MOMO NFTs in the NFT Creator Mode as part of the incentive system.

Players in Mobox may breed and engage in combat with its own little creatures known as MOMOs, just like in Axie. Players that are more active have a higher chance of earning tokens and getting paid in real money.

#17. CryptoKitties

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CryptoKitties stands out among NFT blockchain games and was well-liked before the 2021 NFT boom. It is one of the earliest blockchain games on this market, was introduced in the latter part of 2017. Online game CryptoKitties is a Tamagotchi-like concept. This is due to the possibility of breeding virtual kittens provided by CryptoKitties. Higher rarity digital kittens are therefore worth more.

Each cat in CryptoKitties is represented by an NFT governance token because, as in the majority of other best play to earn games, each one is completely unique. CryptoKitties occasionally have access to uncommon NFTs that, depending on their properties, can be bought and sold on the open market.

#18. Gold Fever

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This difficult free-to-play survival RPG hybrid uses blockchain games technology to harness the power of gaming, enabling it to establish a decentralized economy based on the utilization of scarce materials and numerous NFT products. Gamers assemble NFT resources, goods, and apparel to increase their chances.

Gold Fever is the ideal strategy game for crypto players who also want for adventure in a difficult setting thanks to its many customization options. Fighting turns into a very strategic procedure due to the intricacy of the terrain and the many strengths and weaknesses of the characters. Through NFTs, all of your possessions—whether they were ones you made, discovered, or purchased—will always be yours.

#19. Blankos Block Party

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The gameplay for Blankos Block Party is provided using a multiplayer online NFT format that is open to all players. The Mythical Marketplace allows players to purchase playable characters, further develop them by purchasing treasure, clothes, and other accessories, and then sell them to other players.

There are several Blankos, or digital vinyl toys, in this open-world game. Due to its emphasis on user-designed NFTs and the fact that players compete via stages created by both the community and game producer Mythical Games, BBP stands apart from other gaming platforms. Through a social center, gamers may communicate with non-player characters (NPCs) and obtain daily objectives.

#20. Battles Of Guardians

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In addition to being expected as one of the top New Fight Tour blockchain games, Battle of Guardians has been touted as a cross between Tekken and Mortal Kombat. In this multiplayer combat game, players may obtain desired rewards by outlasting their rivals.

The official in-platform currency for this game are fighting points ($FP) and battle of guardians share ($BGS). These currencies can be used by players to pay for avatars, add-ons, tournament entries, and other things.

Top NFT Games: FAQ

What Is A Blockchain NFT Game?

Blockchain games is a type of video game that uses components of blockchain technology based on cryptography. It is sometimes referred to as an NFT game or a crypto game.

Are NFT Game Profitable?

Game: Own, Trade, and Breed Your NFTs in Axie Infinity. One of the most well-known and successful cryptocurrency and NFT projects is Axie Infinity, sometimes known as AXS. You may play and earn cryptocurrency money with Axie’s game.

How Do NFT Game Creator Make Money?

As a company, NFT games enable creators to make money off of their works while also enabling players to earn cryptocurrency through game play.

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