Application Design Development for a Startup

To attract and retain users, companies need professional app design services. Let’s talk about the benefits of UI/UX design and how startups use it to be successful.

Application design is the visual appearance of the program, which is tailored to user behavior. Good design is both aesthetic and user-friendly. Design is not only about a beautiful picture, it is primarily about ease of use. If the user doesn’t understand or feel comfortable using the app, they’ll delete it and never come back – that’s why design is important.

To accurately get a quality job done, you need to choose the right mobile app design services.

What is the difference between UI and UX?

People often wonder what is the difference between UI/UX. And does it exist at all? User experience and user interface – sounds similar, but in reality they are completely different. However, one cannot do without the other. Now let’s explain:

User Experience

The essence is to help users achieve the main goal: book plane tickets, order food or call a taxi. To create an app design, keep the needs of the users in mind and do whatever it takes to help the users “make it to the end”. Using the application should not be like an IQ test. For example, two delivery options:

  • one where only your phone number is needed for registration
  • or the one where, before placing an order, you need to fill out a giant form with information about your contacts, address and a bunch of other things

Which application do you prefer more? Of course, the first. When you want to eat, and there is little time for lunch, there is no time to mess around with complex registration forms.

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User interface

These are all the elements that the user sees and interacts with. For example:

  • buttons
  • text fields
  • checkboxes
  • sliders
  • search strings
  • tags
  • icons

UI is focused on making the user’s interaction with the product enjoyable. Think of the apps you love, like Airbnb, Telegram, or Uber. Their design is simple yet cute.

Breaking a big task down into smaller ones and not asking the user to do more than is necessary is the fine art of UI/UX design. Designers do not guess what users might like – they use their professional experience and knowledge, and study the needs of users in order to create a product that will satisfy them.

UI/UX design stages

Whether you hire a freelancer or a professional outsourcing agency, the steps involved in developing an app design will be similar.


The first step to great UI/UX design is market research. We conduct market research and study similar products of competitors. This helps us create solutions that are one step ahead of other players in the market. Plus, we get acquainted with the business logic of the product and customer requirements. If you have references or specific application design requirements, please provide them as soon as possible. This way we can better understand your needs.


Wireframes show how all screens will be connected and what elements they will display: from buttons and pop-ups to visuals and text. But no content yet. Photos, videos, colors and fonts will be added later. Wireframes are needed to demonstrate the logic of the product – at this stage in black and white, so that nothing distracts from the flow.

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Design concept

We analyze all the available information and present 1-2 visual screens that reflect the style and user flow of the future product. On these screens, you can see the main design elements and their location. They are an excellent tool for presenting ideas to the customer. Before moving on, everything needs to be agreed upon, so a call with the team and a presentation of the concept are scheduled next. If everyone is happy, we move on to the next step of developing application design.

Visual design

Visual design is the stage where animations, logos, colors, custom fonts are added. As a result, you get a beautiful clickable prototype that matches your brand style and tone of voice. It can be transferred to the development team or present your idea to investors. If you haven’t found a reliable development team yet, we’ll help you design your app.

Does your product need UI/UX design?

App design takes 1-2 months and costs money, so some startups think they can do without it. However, trying to skimp on one of the most important parts of your application (which the user can see and touch!) is not a good idea. Professional UI / UX design is not only a beautiful visual, it is the product logic that is built on it. If you don’t want your customers to be disappointed, you need an intuitive interface that only professionals can create.

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