Airbnb Alternatives – 10 Best Sites Like Airbnb in 2023

Airbnb Alternatives

Since 2007, Airbnb has welcomed visitors from almost every nation in the world to a brand-new and innovative type of lodging. Additionally, it has provided property owners the chance to convert their homes and individual rooms into rented vacation properties. Some landlords see Airbnb Alternatives as a gold mine. The platform has a ton of benefits, including highly individualized hosting experiences, global visibility for your property, flexible availability, and proprietary property management tools. But how can you increase the visibility of your property on more listing websites and property management services like Airbnb? Or do you likely want to stop using Airbnb altogether?

Your motivations may vary: you need to diversify your booking channels to increase your reach, you’re looking for better commission rates, you’ve had bad luck with Airbnb Alternatives, Brexit, etc. There are Airbnb substitutes available, whatever your motivations. We’ll specifically examine vacation rental websites like Airbnb in this post, which can also offer you the head start you need. Additionally, we’ll save you time by examining and contrasting a few of them. Despite the fact that there are many little websites like Airbnb, let’s have a look at some well-liked options for landlords where you can get comparable property management solutions and provide visitors the same premium, safe, and effortless reservation experience.

What distinguishes Airbnb from rival companies?

Travelers and homeowners all around the world rely on Airbnb, an international provider of lodging and vacation rentals. With more than 4 million hosts in 220+ nations, Airbnb stands out from the standard hotel experience. When it was established in San Francisco in 2007, Airbnb transformed the vacation rental market by popularizing the community-based, home-sharing business model.

Short-term rental lodging providers now have a reliable platform to access the holiday rental market, whether they are offering a condo in Florida, a private room in New York, a flat in London, or a luxurious vacation house in Los Angeles. Airbnb takes pride in giving visitors the opportunity to “experience the world in an authentic, connected way” by letting them stay in a home that has been rented out and is being hosted by a local.

Why do individuals utilize?

For owners of vacation rentals:

One great option to get additional money is to rent out your property to others. An average US Airbnb Alternatives host made over $13,800 in 2021, an increase of 85% from pre-pandemic 2019.

Additionally, it’s much more flexible than managing a hotel because you can choose your own cancellation policy, when to make your home available to visitors, and whether to rent the entire space or just a room. Using contactless technologies, such as smartphone entry apps for remote check-in, intelligent temperature control, and even noise monitoring services, property owners can even host their visitors remotely. Receiving payments is also hassle-free because booking fees are simply collected online with secure credit card processing. You get free insurance as an Airbnb host in the event that something in your house is destroyed. Airbnb insurance consists of

  • $1,000,000 in liability insurance
  • Damage prevention for your priceless items
  • Unexpected cleaning charges expenses
  • Animal damage prevention
  • Income loss insurance due to guest-caused damage

For tourists:

Compared to staying at a hotel, renting a vacation home can sometimes be more reasonable and provide the opportunity for a more authentic local experience. For renters seeking an experience other than the typical hotel room, there are also numerous distinctive properties available on Airbnb.

Visitors might rent a whole unit to themselves and get away from other people, especially during the pandemic. In fact, while hotels had minimal occupancy throughout the pandemic, the vacation rental industry flourished.

What is the Airbnb price range?

Both hosts and guests must pay a service fee while using Airbnb Alternatives; hosts must pay 3% of the booking subtotal (which consists of the nightly cost plus your cleaning fee but excludes Airbnb taxes and fees), while guests must pay a statutory service fee of 14%. The service charge pays towards outlets expenses for things like:

  • 24/7 customer service in multiple languages
  • Resources for the Program for Host Education
  • Google and social media marketing
  • Damage mitigation
  • A property management system (PMS) with an integrated revenue management tool can help hosts who are unsure of how to price their properties track the local vacation rental market and optimize pricing accordingly.

What are the prospects for Airbnb and its rivals in the future?

Leading benchmarking and data analytics providers STR and Airbnb Alternatives were engaged by Cloudbeds in July 2020 to assist with the analysis of hotel and short-term rental data from 2019 to June 27, 2020 in 27 locations worldwide, including 12 regional destination markets and 15 urban markets. The information revealed that vacation rentals were more popular despite the cheap prices for hotel rooms, with an occupancy rate of 58% as opposed to the 39% for hotel rooms.

How come, though?

One explanation is that vacation rentals provide a distinctive form of lodging where visitors may securely isolate themselves from other people and have control over their living area. There are many rental homes available in isolated, natural areas where people can simply leave their cramped metropolitan homes for wide space and fresh air.

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Additionally, vacation rentals often cater to a leisure travel market, as was mentioned in a recent Cloudbeds webinar on OTAs, Metasearch, and the Future of Distribution. Leisure travel continues to outnumber corporate travel. Skift observes that despite this, startups are now spending more on Airbnb than on office rent because “venture-funded startups in the USA are swapping offices for team trips as their leases expire.”

Brian Chesky, the creator of Airbnb, believed that trends toward remote working were here to stay, which is why long-term stays of at least 28 days increased during the second quarter of 2021.

We’ll have to wait and see where the market goes with travel limitations and shifting demand as we start a new year, but based on historical data, the vacation rental industry is well-positioned to capture a portion of the market.

Airbnb Alternatives – 10 Best Sites Like Airbnb in 2023

1. Vrbo

VRBO: Best Apps And Sites Similar To Airbnb

One of Airbnb’s main rivals is VRBO, which, as its name implies, is only a platform for individual owners or property managers to list their holiday rentals. The reason VRBO has a lot less rentals than Airbnb (2 million compared to Airbnb’s 4 million) is that they offer complete houses in their listings for the long term, unlike Airbnb Alternatives where one can rent a place for a short time or single rooms.

In contrast to Airbnb, which charges a 20% guest fee, VRBO requires a 6-12% visitor fee. And unlike Airbnb (well, Airbnb has been accused of snooping), the space you rent will be entirely yours. The nicest feature of VRBO might be its Direct Booking option, which lets you make reservations directly with the owners without paying a service fee, making everything safer for everyone involved (so give it a shot the next time).

2. Home Away

Home Away: Best Apps And Sites Similar To Airbnb

HomeAway is the parent business of VRBO and a few other VR providers. It is quite similar to VRBO and offers a variety of apartments, villas, yachts, and other types of living spaces, exactly like Airbnb and VRBO. Homeaway, which is similar to VRBO, provides entirely private living areas and is ideal for a romantic holiday. HomeAway offers hassle-free Direct booking and pricing that is pretty comparable to VRBO.

3. HomeToGo

HomeToGo sites like airbnb

HomeToGo provides you with a vast selection of properties and offers 15 million holiday rentals in more than 200 countries. A platform called HomeToGo integrates more than 300 suppliers, including many others like VRBO and TripAdvisor. YouTubers and travel vloggers use Airbnb Alternatives because of its nearly limitless selection, price comparisons, and user-friendly layout.

With its options like smart filtering and flexible date search, HomeToGo also streamlines the difficult and time-consuming procedure so you can find your ideal vacation rental quickly. HomeToGo also selects the top deals at the location you want to visit, further simplifying our search. With all of these capabilities, HomeToGo is undoubtedly competitive with Airbnb.

4. One fine Stay

One fine Stay: Best Apps And Sites Similar To Airbnb

On that exceptional day, I discovered a fantastic rental on One wonderful stay. Anyway, One Fine Stay is a privately owned house rental company that was established in London and is consistently named among the top ten home-sharing and villa rentals. One Fine Stay now has 5,000 residences and villas in its portfolio, which are split between city homes and villas. One fine stay’s City collection is present in nine different cities throughout the world: London, Rome, Paris, Florence, Sydney, New York, Los Angeles, Milan, and San Francisco. While its villa module is operational in Bali, Thailand, Europe, Mexico, and the Caribbean.

One fine stay is where you go if you need an exotic living space because when you book with One fine stay, you receive an in-person welcome, live local support, grocery deliveries, chauffeured transfers, and other things. One fine stay was a finalist in the Conde Nast Traveler reader’s choice awards for Best Homestay and Villa Rental Firm.

5. Flip key

Flip key: Best Apps And Sites Similar To Airbnb

Trip Advisor acquired Flip Key in 2008, and ever since, it has been switching the locks. Even though it can be difficult to use and has flaws that they are working to fix, Flip Key strives to offer a simple and welcoming way to make reservations. Customers can request a booking through Flip Key or by contacting the host, just like with Airbnb. Flip Key offers comprehensive information, such as management details, bed or bathroom availability, etc. Additionally, boathouses and villas are listed on Flip Key. Flip Key, in contrast to other websites, doesn’t charge the host a fee for displaying their property.

6. Blue Ground

Blue Ground sites like airbnb

I feel duped here because I had high hopes, but the grounds aren’t really blue. The rest of the time, they’re all OK. Blue Ground has 3,000 fewer properties than other companies, but they do have a unique asset. Every time Blue Grounds purchases a piece of real estate, they use their design teams to turn it into a carefully curated, sensory-rich living area.

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If you’re merely planning a brief trip, skip Blue Grounds; if you’re staying for more than a month, Blue Grounds is exactly what you need. Blue Grounds only offers properties for stays longer than one month and in 12 cities across the world. In addition to having attractive properties, they also provide on-the-ground assistance to make your stay comfortable.

7. Outdoorsy

Outdoorsy: Best Apps And Sites Similar To Airbnb

I will definitely want to add Outdoorsy to my bookmarks. Outdoorsy is a secure and fully insured marketplace where local car owners and tourists looking to rent cars can connect. These automobiles include travel trailers, RVs, and motorhomes, among many more. Let’s be honest: Would you be happy with purchasing an RV (which, in most cases, you cannot afford) only to utilize it two or three times each year while letting it sit idle in the interim? However, for those who wish to experience vehicle camping or the wilds of nature without having to worry about running out of money.

All you’ll need is a road to drive on and somewhere to park. Outdoorsy collaborates with Liberty Mutual, which will insure cars against any physical damage, for the protection of both renters and owners. Additionally, outdoorsy allows users to meet renters in person so that they may instruct them on how to operate their vehicles. This is useful for those who want to advertise their vehicle for rental (renting your RV to a complete stranger can be a little unsettling).

8. Best Apps And Sites Similar To Airbnb

Using the search engine TripAdvisor you can find a list of houses and apartments available for vacation rentals. partners with a number of other businesses that rent out holiday homes, including HomeAway, Flipkey,, and many others. You only need to enter your destination and dates on to access its more than 10 million listings.

The list of vacation homes will then be displayed on, where you can filter it. By comparing it to other rentals, you could also save money. has a wider selection of accommodations than Airbnb, thus it is advised that you use it at least once. And dude! While I was writing about it, I kept tripping over myself, so I think it’s very tripping.

9. Tripadvisor Vacation Rentals

Tripadvisor Vacation Rentals
TripAdvisor can be helpful if you are organizing a trip or are already on the road. They offer recommendations of area attractions and activities in addition to assisting with reservations for restaurants, hotels, flights, and rental cars. Personally, I frequently find myself in their “things to do” section. With its assistance, you may plan your entire trip and find high-quality images.

It’s simple to narrow down your search and find what you want on TripAdvisor. For your lodging, you can filter reviews or preferences. It’s possible that you’ll discover mainly unfavorable comments. With their reviews and price comparison function, TripAdvisor can be your go-to resource for local information.

10. Best Apps And Sites Similar To Airbnb

Nobody wants to have a difficult time while traveling, thus I think the first thought that comes to a traveler’s mind is lodging (for their peace of mind). You have a lot of options on for hotels, restaurants, flights, buses, taxis, and other travel-related services. The website is user-friendly and simple to use. You can receive credit from on your bookings, which also allows you to save money. Like other travel agencies, collaborates with various hotels that consent to split a specific amount of revenue with them. places equal emphasis on modest and luxury hotels.

There are certainly some negative reviews of their services due to the fact that hotels frequently fail to comprehend the needs of the client or even refuse the bookings (which is obviously quite problematic), but tries to manage the conflicts and prioritize the needs of customers. Through, it is also possible to book flights; they also make recommendations for when to buy airbnb alternatives based on price changes.


The hotel and vacation rental industries are expanding quickly along with the travel sector. In addition to those on this list, there are over 100 other VR companies who work hard to offer their clients the highest caliber services. Let’s not forget about hotels; they offer excellent service, delicious meals, and you may leave whenever you like.

But occasionally, they become monotonous, frequent gratuities unnecessarily empty our pockets, and there’s a whole other privacy issue, particularly if you’re on a honeymoon or with your sweetheart and also if you’re an introvert. This is where virtual reality (VR) comes into play. You can have a ton of fun with your partner and absolute seclusion when you hire the entire blasted place. Anyway, please let me know if you are aware of any more excellent Airbnb Alternatives in this generation.

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