8 Ways to Use Video for Your Business

Video Marketing is on the surge in recent times. Video-based content marketing has detached itself from usual content marketing methods and has specificities in targeting the customers.

Moreover, it helps majorly with brand awareness and product or service promotions. With an average of 100-minute video content being watched by an average person in a day, it is not an intellectual way to ignore them to develop your business. This article shall help you gain clinical insights on different ways to use video for your business.

Top Ways to Use Videos For Your Business

Enchanting videos shall create a strong and massive customer base. One of the main reasons the digital marketing teams in organizations look for a suitable online video editor is to create quick and delectable videos. With the competition rising every day, it is inevitable to post different videos daily.

1. Promotional Videos: 

They are indeed commercial videos in the form of online Ads. You can target a specific set of audiences to promote a product or a service. Experts suggest such videos be short and crisp to seek attention. It can be a pre-roll Ad or a social media Ad that entices the customer to take further action.

The video marketers must focus on these videos and post them periodically to develop the customer base. For a new team, it takes 6 weeks to create one video, and you can create a pipeline of videos that can be uploaded from time to time.

2. Educational Videos: 

Any human would like to learn anything new. If you provide such videos that attract customer attention, there is a 100% possibility that a customer will view and learn from them. It is one of the brilliant ways to promote your product. The usage of a product and the pain that is addressed shall reach the customers with specific problems they face daily.

Professionals recommend such videos be made for 120 seconds and slightly less. Please note: Customers may not learn anything if it is dragging. An appropriate educational content video can take 4 weeks to create.

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3. Animation Videos: 

This is more or less similar to the previous video type. Here, the animation is used for two purposes

  • Quick reach
  • Complex content simplification

Any web service or an IT company shall use such videos to promote their service. It has a wide reach, and you can make this video crisp. Making such videos takes a long time as compared to the usual videos.

Digital marketers use such videos in between promotional ones. It targets the customers to make a purchase decision. You can place such videos on your website or the landing page if running a marketing campaign. As we said earlier, you need at least 12 weeks to create such videos.

4. Live Streaming: 

This has a great impact and is the trend of the year 2021 and beyond. The customers would love to see candid videos that have a human touch. A well-recorded video is scripted and has its apprehensions when it is viewed.

A live video explaining a product or a service has its impact. It is still scripted; the live interaction of the customers is possible, and the customers shall feel involved in streaming such videos. These videos can be posted on social media and give the best results in making the customers decide.

5. Brand Awareness Videos: 

These are promotional videos where you tend to target the customers with diversified services and products that you sell. The core theme of the videos must be brand building. There are different types in it. You can show the work culture, the principle behind creating the product.

A CEO interaction and any particular social cause involved in it and so on. The idea is to establish the brand and build trust among the customers. These types of videos must be uploaded regularly. The customers shall remember your brand if a particular theme is taken in hand and following the same consistently. Social media shall be the best platform to use such videos.

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6. Story Videos: 

Humans like to listen to stories. Why don’t you write a story about your company? How did it start and why did it start shall have a lot of impact on the customers. The reason for developing such a product and the founders’ story shall give a human touch.

As such, sales start with a connection, and these videos shall establish that connection with the audience. You can make 8 to 10 videos of these types in the beginning and upload them regularly for the audience to learn about your brand.

7. Customer Story Videos: 

In the same lines, the pain that is addressed by your product can be shown as a customer video. Remember, customers, teach customers. It is psychology. When there is a video where the general public shares stories about the product and its advantages, it shall greatly reach the audience.

Moreover, the trouble of one customer is experienced by the others. More often than not, you will find like-minded people, and the customer conversion shall be fruitful.

8. Demonstration Videos: 

Product demonstration works wonders with video-based content. The ease of use of the product shall be established and proclaimed through such videos. The pre-recorded sales demonstrations had an incredible impact. If you plan to make the customer interested in purchasing your product, this shall be the wise technique.


Videos create a massive impact, no doubt. But organizations make huge mistakes in one aspect. They start uploading videos in one season and forget about it in the next. Consistency is the key, and you cannot overrule that basic factor. It would help if you were constantly involved in making and uploading videos to stay in touch with the customers. A week’s delay can create a sense of ‘Not in Business’ in the customers’ minds. These are the list of videos that you can use in your business to make the potential growth of the business.

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