How to Use WhatsApp Web on a Computer If Your Phone is Away

WhatsApp Web

The best choice is to use WhatsApp Web if you ever want to monitor your WhatsApp chats and send messages from your PC. WhatsApp may be connected to your PC from your phone. When your phone is online, you may use WhatsApp from your PC using this. There’s a catch; you need an internet-connected phone.

When your phone is offline, how do you use WhatsApp Web?

We are about to learn that in this situation. Let’s look at how to utilise WhatsApp Web while your phone is turned off or offline.

When your phone is offline, use WhatsApp Web.

You can now use full-featured from your PC using www whatsapp web com or the whatsapp web desktop client thanks to Whats App Web’s new ability to Link Devices. Because of this, once you sign up to Web, you may access your chats and messages whether your phone is on or off, connected to the offline or not, or both. Using WhatsApp on five different devices is included in this, including your PC, Mac, and even iPad.

Technique 1: Turn on WhatsApp Multi-Device (Beta) on Your Phone

The initial version of WhatsApp Multi-Device was released as a beta version. Only customers who have chosen to do so could link to several devices and access when their phone was not in use. In the end, WhatsApp made the Multi-Device feature available to the majority of users.

Currently, Android and iPhone users may access www whatsapp web com without a phone. Visit the “Linked Devices” option in the WhatsApp app to verify. You may use WhatsApp Web without keeping your phone online if “Multi-Device Beta” isn’t shown. Some users of older versions might not have the option activated by default. To activate Multi-Device Beta on those devices, according to the instructions;

With Android:

Tap the three-dot menu symbol in the WhatsApp app and choose “Linked Devices” from the menu that appears.

WhatsApp Linked Device Settings on Android

You may select “Multi-device Beta” from the next screen. To proceed, tap on it.

WhatsApp Multi Device Beta

You will be prompted to enrol in the WhatsApp Beta programme since the multi-device feature is in beta. To continue, select “Join Beta” and then “Continue.”

Join Beta in WhatsApp for Android

You can begin signing into numerous computers using whatsapp web desktop after you choose to participate in the beta programme. To access the aforementioned features on an iPhone, choose the “Settings” tab from the menu, then select the “Linked Devices” option.

Technique 2: Open your web browser and sign into WhatsApp Web.

You may link up to five WhatsApp Web or WhatsApp Desktop logins once the Multi-Device option on your WhatsApp is enabled. The procedures to sign in to from your phone are listed below, even if they change somewhat between Android and iPhone;

Select “Linked Devices” by tapping the three dots symbol at the top of your Android phone. On an iPhone, select “Linked Devices” from WhatsApp’s “Settings” menu. Tap the “LINK A DEVICE” button located in the settings box.

Link a Device in WhatsApp Android

Open on your PC’s web browser as normal, and then launch WhatsApp to scan the QR code.

Scan WhatsApp Web QR Code

Your WhatsApp account will be connected to WhatsApp Web on the logged-in PC or Mac after it has been validated. It will take a little longer to load than the previous WhatsApp Web since all the messages must be whatsapp web download from your phone.

A number of features from the WhatsApp app for your phone have been introduced to the new WhatsApp Web, including image editing, chat backgrounds, privacy settings, and more. Additionally, even when your phone is offline or inactive, you can still text anybody.

Call or respond to Whatsapp Web Desktop

While WhatsApp on connected devices, such as your computer, may function without the phone being online, WhatsApp Desktop adds other functionality, such as calling choices. Yes, much like certain Zoom Meet or Skype conversations, you can make and take WhatsApp audio and video calls on your PC or Mac.

All you need is the WhatsApp Desktop software, not the WhatsApp web browser extension, to begin voice and video chatting through WhatsApp on your computer. Check out our instructions for configuring WhatsApp calls on a desktop after installing WhatsApp Desktop.

Remotely Destroy a Device Linked to WhatsApp

You may simultaneously connect your WhatsApp to your home PC, work computer, and even a personal iPad because WhatsApp supports multiple sign-in on WhatsApp Web and Desktop. To prevent someone from viewing your private conversations if they have access to one of your signed-in devices, you can secretly delete that device.
Let’s look at how to unlink a device from WhatsApp on your phone;

Open WhatsApp on your iPhone or Android device, then select Settings or the three dots menu to access Linked Devices.

Select Linked Computer from WhatsApp Linked Device Settings

Select the device from the list that you wish to log out of.

Log Out Linked Device on WhatsApp

To log off the chosen device, choose “Log Out” and then confirm.

Tap each device and repeat the process to log out of them. Thus, you may prevent others from viewing your WhatsApp private messages.

Use of WhatsApp across many devices is safe.

When WhatsApp Web first became accessible, you could use it in addition to the WhatsApp app on your phone, which required an internet phone at all times. Once your phone rings, the connection would break. Many additional encrypted chat apps, such as Telegram and Signal, have begun offering desktop clients without even requiring that the primary device, your phone, be online.

Because it would compromise its customers’ security and privacy, WhatsApp decided not to provide them this choice. However, is it safe to use WhatsApp on desktop and web browsers given that it supports multiple devices?

The new WhatsApp Multi-Device functionality has been combined with security features like Automatic Device Verification and End-to-end Encryption, claims WhatsApp. Additionally, WhatsApp released the “Code Verify” Chrome plugin to help users of WhatsApp Web identify and prevent hacking attempts. So long as no one else has access to your linked device, the new WhatsApp Multi-Device login is 100 percent secure.

You no longer require your phone to be online each time to use WhatsApp thanks to the new Multi-Device login feature. You may monitor your WhatsApp chats from the PC even if you want to turn off your phone’s cellular data.
However, you must activate WiFi or cellular data on your phone to access earlier chats.

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