Top Mobile App Development Companies in Dubai, UAE 2023

In 2023, Dubai will be a location for some of the most prominent mobile app development companies. This is a report that includes some of the category’s major names that can be counted on for high-quality app development projects.

Dubai is quickly becoming one of the most popular tech centres for companies all over the world. Clients seeking a mobile app developer in Dubai are flocking to the city from markets such as the Middle East, Asia, Europe, and America. Hundreds of app development companies are currently operating in Dubai and collaborating with businesses of various sizes and industries. Dubai is becoming a favourite destination for app development partnerships, whether for startups or Fortune 500 corporations, because the city is home to some of the most recognised organisations providing app development services.

Furthermore, in this research, we have shortlisted some of the top mobile app development businesses in Dubai to assist you in locating them for future projects. To shortlist each startup, we evaluated their potential based on numerous characteristics, which we will outline below. Hence, if you come across the background of any of the app developers included in this study, do not hesitate to inquire about the possibility of forming tech partnerships with them.

Before we get started, let’s go over some of the key elements that influenced our choice of the top app development companies in Dubai for this research.

Things to consider before selecting top mobile app development service providers

  • The company’s size
  • A minimum budget is necessary.
  • Ratings and reviews from previous customers
  • Knowledge of technology
  • Years of experience in the market
  • Past partnership types
  • Past client types
  • Employees’ number
  • The organization’s vision

Top Mobile App Development Companies in Dubai

1.            Suffescom Solutions Inc.

Suffescom Solutions Inc. is a top Mobile App Development Company In Dubai. Suffescom has outperformed the companies that came before and after it. Their crew is the optimal combination of abilities and knowledge for any company.

They keep up with the latest trends and intend to create excellent mobile apps for their clients using cutting-edge technologies. Suffescom creates native apps for Android and iOS, Enterprise Mobility Solutions, Hybrid Mobile Apps, and E-commerce Mobile Apps for a wide range of industries, including healthcare, education, food delivery, manufacturing, logistics, real estate, and hospitality. They are also developing AR/VR applications.

Suffescom Solutions developers use cutting-edge technologies such as React, Angular, Flutter, and others to ensure the app’s excellence. They cover every major business sector in the United States, including California, Texas, Washington, Florida, and Colorado.

Suffescom Solutions tops this list because they have completed 250+ projects by building the most engaging mobile apps based on customer demands and delivering them on time and within budget.

Manpower 250-999
Location Dubai
Established 2013
Hourly Rates $25 – $49 / hr

2.  RisingMax

RisingMax Inc is one of the top leading software development firms that provide software/app solutions for many business kinds in order for each business to earn income, cut costs, and transform more effectively.

The professional specialists go deeper to understand your business requirements and create customised solutions that meet the defined requirements while staying within your budget constraints.

Manpower 350-400
Location Dubai
Established 2011
Hourly Rates $20 – $30 / hr

3. Best Web3 Development

Over the previous three years, Best Web3 Development has built a solid reputation in the mobile app development market. The company offers its clients high-end mobile  application development services. They also provide web3 gaming platform development, blockchain-based platform development, and NFT platform development. They have developed into the market quite well in a very short period of time and have a retention rate of 70%. They might be your ideal mobile app development partner at an affordable price.

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Manpower 200+
Location Dubai
Established 2013
Hourly Rates $20 – $40 / hr

4. Appinventiv

Appinventiv is a Dubai-based award-winning mobile app development business that provides flawless technology solutions to startups and Fortune 500 corporations. The organisation, which began its journey in 2015, now has 1000+ tech experts, engineers, and professionals working to bridge the gap between client ideas and reality.

By on-time delivery and post-development assistance, the main goal is to promote a rich client experience and smarter, innovative solutions. They have successfully completed over 1000 projects so far. Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and the Internet of Things are among the disruptive technologies that the organisation has implemented.

Manpower 1000+
Location Dubai
Established 2015
Hourly Rates $25 – $49 / hr

5. Intcore

Intcore, one of the top names on this list of mobile app development companies, has a track record of creating some of the best apps for its clients. The mobile app development agency in Dubai offers iOS and Android app development experts with a track record of creating solutions that have helped clients achieve incredible ROIs. The finest mobile app development firm in Dubai has previously worked with over 70 companies and employs professionals with years of experience. With over a decade of expertise, Intcore is the leading mobile app development company in Dubai that can provide you with high-quality app development services at reasonable pricing.

Manpower 10-49
Location Dubai
Established 2014
Hourly Rates <$25 / hr

6. Blink22

Blink22, the premier mobile app development service provider in Dubai, has a track record of producing high-quality mobile apps. In 2015, a mobile application development service provider in Dubai was established. Nevertheless, in the short time since its inception, this mobile app development firm has pleased a wide range of clients from various industries. With 50+ experts at this app development firm in Dubai, Blink22 can assist you in driving true growth through the use of a mobile app dedicated to your business.

Manpower 50-249
Location Dubai
Established 2015
Hourly Rates $50-$99 / hr

7. Diginix AI

Diginix AI, a mobile app development business in Dubai, was launched in 2013. Since its founding, this top mobile app development company in Dubai has grown to become a preferred technology partner for startups and Fortune 500 firms from across the world. Diginix AI, the top provider of services such as mobile app development in Dubai, is well-known for its low development costs and quick turnaround times. You can always rely on this finest mobile app development firm in Dubai to create a new product from the start or to improve an existing one.

Manpower 50-249
Location Dubai
Established 2013
Hourly Rates <$25 / hr

8.            Ajath

Ajath, founded in 2018, is one of Dubai’s newest providers of services such as mobile application development. Despite being on the market for a relatively short period of time, this one of the top mobile app development businesses in Dubai has proven its value numerous times and has emerged as a top competitor for already established major players in the Dubai app development industry. The app developer in Dubai can convert your idea into a fantastic app. An app development service provider in Dubai can assist you with conceptualising, designing, programming, testing, and launching your apps in your target markets at a fair rate.

Manpower 50-249
Location Dubai
Established 2018
Hourly Rates $25 – $49 / hr

9.            Rubikal

Rubikal, another leading mobile app development services company, began as an organisation in 2016. The mobile app development agency, on the other hand, is a group of professionals with years of experience in various app development abilities and technologies. Experts at this best mobile app development business can assist you at every level of the app development process, from converting your idea into a roadmap via brainstorming to successfully launching your product in the market.

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Manpower 50-249
Location Dubai
Established 2016
Hourly Rates $25 – $49 / hr

10.         Branex LLC

This mobile app development company has about 17 years of expertise in the IT business. Because of its competitiveness, Branex LLC is also well-known for its mobile app development cost in Dubai. Despite being a low-cost mobile app development service provider for startups and small enterprises, Branex LLC has a reputation for producing high-quality mobile apps.

Custom software solutions, iOS and Android apps, web development and design, eCommerce web and app development, and other services are available from the mobile app development firm. AI, VR, IoT, Chatbots, and other technologies are among the areas in which this Dubai mobile app development service provider specialises.

Manpower 50-249
Location Dubai
Established 2005
Hourly Rates $25 – $49 / hr

What are the advantages of collaborating with the finest mobile app development firms?

Well, Dubai is one of the world’s fastest growing tech marketplaces, and it is projected that the city will become a key IT hub in the Middle East in the next few years. With an increasing number of IT companies establishing offices in Dubai and other parts of the UAE, Dubai has also become a location where businesses can harness competition and obtain high-quality app development services at cheap prices. There are various more reasons why you should consider working with one of Dubai’s top app development businesses. Let’s take a closer look at them-

  1. Quicker development- Working with the best mobile app development firm in Dubai can assist you in locating professional developers and designers for your app project. As a result, it can assist you in minimising the entire development time that you have planned for the app and releasing it on time. Employing a team of skilled developers also decreases the possibility of faults or glitches becoming roadblocks in the development process. As a result, your programme passes quality testing faster and is ready for release in the real world.
  2. Skilled developers- Another advantage of working with any of the names on this list of mobile app development businesses is the opportunity to obtain expert advice. By brainstorming and improving the quality of your app development plan, experts can assist you in bringing out the most in your app development project. If your app development plan calls for it, these specialists may also assist you in integrating numerous technologies into your mobile apps.
  3. Quality testing and upgrades- Due to the availability of necessary resources, an app development business can follow best practices for testing apps. Consequently, before launching the app, you may be confident in its potential performance in the real world and detect any potential flaws that may impede its future growth.
  4. Improved app marketing practices- App development companies may assist you in developing the best app marketing tactics by leveraging their skills and experiences. So, before releasing your app to the market, you may use these businesses to assist you in developing a plan that would generate buzz for your app in the target market. Nevertheless, most providers charge app development and app promotion charges separately, so you’ll need to figure that in.


That’s all there is to it in our research on the best mobile app development businesses in Dubai. Ideally, the top mobile app development companies in Dubai stated above will assist you in fulfilling your business objectives by creating the highest quality software.

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